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Profile picture of Kenneth D. Valbøll
Kenneth Dahlquist Valbøll - CEO

Kenneth has a broad and extensive commercial and strategic experience from more than two decades working in senior commercial positions. His career has spanned a number of international and Norwegian companies including Nordea, Intrum, Verizon, Telia and most recently, Avonova. Kenneth also has experience from start-ups and scale up businesses.

Stocks: TBA

Profile picture of Theodor Gumpert
Theodor Gumpert - CFO

Theodor Gumpert (1991) has been CFO of SpectrumOne since August 2020 and has worked as a business economist at Nya Ekonomikompetens Karlstad AB since January 2019. Theodor has a master’s degree in accounting and financial management from Handelshögskolan at Karlstad University and started his career at the auditing firm Grant Thornton.