Corporate governance

The company name is SpectrumOne AB (publ).

The company was founded in October 6, 1995 and the current company was registered on 27 November, 2015. The company is based in Stockholm and is a public limited company registered in Sweden and subject to Swedish law.

SpectrumOne is the parent company of a group. The Group includes the following active subsidiaries and equities:

Cloud Explorers, Oslo, Norway
BizWell AB
OY Cemron AB
Eniro Group AB
Observit AB

SpectrumOne’s board and management applies an active ownership policy and the company’s main shareholders are represented in the board.The board has not appointed any committees.

The board makes decisions regarding the CEO’s remuneration.

Guidelines for the appointment of a Nomination committee

The company shall have a nomination committee consisting of four people. Each of the company’s three largest shareholders in terms of votes, related parties as this concept is defined in the Swedish Companies Act, Chapter 21, Section 1 shall be included, as of 31 August 2020, each shall have the right to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. In addition, the nomination committee shall consist of a board member appointed by the board, who shall also convene. The Nomination Committee appoints a non-board member as chairman.

If significant changes occur in the ownership structure after the nomination of the Nomination Committee, the composition can also be changed, whereby the next shareholder in the order of magnitude is given the opportunity to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. Changes in the Nomination Committee shall be announced immediately. In the event that any of the three largest shareholders in terms of voting sells all, but not only part of, their shares in the company before the Nomination Committee has fulfilled its tasks, instead of such shareholders, the fourth largest shareholder in terms of voting shall appoint a new member, etc.

The Nomination Committee’s term of office extends until a new Nomination Committee has been appointed. The Nomination Committee’s task shall be to submit proposals to the Annual General Meeting regarding the number of Board members to be elected by the Meeting, Board fees, the Chairman and other members of the Board, the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting and the election of auditors and auditor fees.