As a leading technology company we are on a mission to make valuable insights easily available for businesses to accelerate growth.

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Through our commercial insights and performance platform we provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their commercial operations, enable data-driven decision making and drive improvements in various areas such as sales, marketing, finance and operations.

By leveraging insights and tracking performance metrics, our customers can optimize their strategies, enhance operational efficiency and achieve their commercial objectives.

As a company we aspire to create superior value for all our stakeholders supported by our people, platforms and partners.

Our values

With Prism Cloud we enable businesses to identify their commercial potential and act on it! All our services can be delivered as stand alone, but when combined in Prism Cloud, that’s where the magic really starts happening.

Great customer value

We place the needs and success of our customers at the forefront  of everything we do.


We embrace agility and responsiveness, being quick to adapt to changing market dynamics, customer needs and competitive pressures.

Seamless collaboration

We recognize the power of teamwork and strive to provide a cohesive and consistent experience for our customers.

 Superior value

We embrace a value creation perspective that includes all stakeholders and prioritize profitability as a key metric.

Bring your own data

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SpectrumOnes` headquarter is based in Stockholm, Sweden, responsible for Nordic sales and strategy, with additional sales and business development located in Karlstad Sweden, and Oslo, Norway.

The technical services and development centers are located in Brussels, Belgium and Karlstad, Sweden. SpectrumOne is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.

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